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This site is for Canadian based B2B Wholesale Distribution

Please note:  we have disabled the courier shipping calculator as it was not functioning properly. 

To buy an item, complete check-out.  No purchase is necessary. 

You will be quoted shipping/freight within 2 business days and have an option as to

whether or not you wish to complete the purchase. An invoice will be sent to close out the sale.

About us

MarketsConnection is a virtual master wholesaler for Business-to-Business distributors.  

It is a place  where Canadian distributors can search for difficult to source items or hot deals.  It is a place where distributors can set up a vendor account to sell items from their inventory to other distributors.   

For distributors and manufacturers acting as a vendor, MarketsConnection is an ideal platform to try to sell dead or slow-moving inventory, obsolete products or items that were a special buy.  It is also an excellent opportunity to move volume in specific categories.

One distributor’s problem inventory can become another distributor’s opportunity! 

Distributors can choose to sell whatever they wish on MarketsConnection including top selling items. It is literally their marketplace!  

It costs nothing to join MarketsConnection to buy.  We require a simple registration and approval to ensure that you are a Canadian based distributor.  

To sell on MarketsConnection as a vendor, we offer a variety of plans to complement your level of activity on the platform.