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We Get Questions!

by Tom Fournier

We love getting feedback from our vendors and buyers!

Here is a sampling:

1) Buyer "Offers". 

Question: Are customers are allowed to submit offers and sellers are allowed to either accept, decline or submit a counteroffer on MARKETSCONNECTION similar to EBay ?

Answer:  We do not have that capability at this time.  Our initial thinking was to not have communication between vendors and buyers as that might allow them to work a deal outside of our platform in an effort to eliminate our commission.

If buyers see something that they like but would like to request a price discount or change the buying quantities, message us through the site and we will place your inquiry with the vendor!


2)  Is there an App? 

Question: At some point do consider an online app for MARKETSCONNECTION?

Answer:  Our current platform at some level does have a an app associated with it.  We are really debating whether we stay with this platform and invest more money and time into customizing it to our needs or shifting to a new platform where we can work to get it set up from the beginning to mirror our vision for it in terms of functionality. 

We have been preparing a crowd funding equity campaign hoping to generate the funs that will fund development and also allow us to step up marketing and promotion to attract more buyers to the site. 

Right now, there is not a lot of appreciable income through the site and everything has been funded by the founding partners.

3)  What is Selling?

Question:  we had a question in a message on the site, "what is selling". 

Answer:  We are early stages in this launch and the big challenge right now will be attracting more buyers.  In our limited sales we have seen cleaning equipment, toilet paper and garbage bags.

4) Pricing

Question:  who sets the pricing on MarketsConnection?  Do you give guidance?

Answer:  we do not manage pricing.  That is entirely up to the vendor.  There are already such a wide range of products on MarketsConnection, it is impossible to determine whether or not it is a "competitive price".  We constantly advise our vendors that the buyer/customer is a distributor and they are shopping for hot deals or "steals".


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